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Tax Reform Now

Comprehensive tax reform can transform America’s underperforming economy into a high performance growth engine, creating jobs, raising wages, and strengthening the global competitiveness of America’s workers and businesses.

We are a quarter of the way through this Congress, but we are not yet where we need to be on key issues like health care, tax reform, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

Promises were made; promises must be kept.

At this point Congress must more fully turn its attention to and accelerate its effort to enact tax reform, which will grow the economy and create jobs. We know many in Congress share this priority.

It has been 30 years since our tax code was updated and American businesses and workers are suffering as a result. True tax reform is going to require compromise and give and take.

We recognize that any viable tax reform plan will entail winners and losers amongst the Chamber’s diverse membership. But we are willing to judge any tax plan based on one simple test: will it spur economic growth? If it does, we will be for it.

We encourage members of Congress – all of whom have their pet issues on tax reform – to judge proposed legislation based on growth.

We must get to "yes" on tax reform.

The challenge of governing requires a willingness to step beyond looking for reasons to oppose things to finding reasons to support policies that are good for the country. The time has long since passed to get to “yes” on tax reform.

A year from now, we will be evaluating Congressional candidates based on their support of the free enterprise system and their willingness to govern, as demonstrated by what role they played in helping enact the first major tax reform in 30 years.


Members of Congress be warned: Failure is not an option.

We don't need government to create the jobs, we need government to create an environment that allows a business like ours to grow and create the jobs.

There will always be regulation, but it doesn't have to be so burdensome.

There will always be taxes, but they don't have to be so punitive.”

— Joe Cipriano, CEO and Founder, Constructeam
Fraser, Michigan