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Legal Reform

Every American who has been legitimately wronged deserves his or her day in court.

The U.S. Chamber and its Institute for Legal Reform are working every day to make our legal system faster, simpler, and fairer. We are fighting those who abuse the system for their own personal gain, clog the courts with meritless lawsuits, and undermine our right to due process.

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Above the FoldJul 26, 2017 - 11:00am
The House of Representatives Chamber at the U.S. Capitol.

House Says, ‘No!’ to CFPB’s Arbitration Rule

The CFPB wants to stop the use of an efficient, cost-effective dispute resolution tool for consumers and businesses.

Press ReleaseJul 25, 2017 - 5:00pm

U.S. Chamber Applauds House Vote to Undo CFPB’s Arbitration Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lisa A. Rickard, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), and David Hirschmann, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC), issued the following statement today following House passage of H.J. Res. 111, disapproving of the CFPB’s arbitration rule:

LetterJul 24, 2017 - 5:30pm

U.S. Chamber Sends Letter of Support for Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

The Chamber is encouraged by the self-driving vehicle legislation, and we hope to work with the Committee moving forward to ensure innovation and development are not stifled as a result of inconsistent state liability rules and entrepreneurial plaintiffs lawyers.

LetterJul 24, 2017 - 1:00pm

Key Vote Letter to House in support of H.J. Res. 111, Disapproving CFPB's Anti-Arbitration Rule


Above the FoldJul 19, 2017 - 3:30pm
CFPB Director Richard Cordray

Agency Goes Rogue on Arbitration Rule

After two years of waiting, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its anti-arbitration rule last week.

ArticleJul 14, 2017 - 1:47pm

‘Time Clock’ Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks

Less than four minutes. That’s how long Starbucks estimates it takes for one of its employees to log out and lock up the store each day at closing.

Press ReleaseJul 10, 2017 - 2:00pm

U.S. Chamber: CFPB Arbitration Rule is Prime Example of Agency Gone Rogue

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lisa A. Rickard, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), and David Hirschmann, president and CEO of the U.S.

ArticleJul 05, 2017 - 9:03am

Lawsuit from Hell? Metal band members sue ‘satanic’ lead singer, revealing identities to the world

Many people who have been through the experience of a lawsuit might describe the experience as “hell.” But for one particular lawsuit, that description takes on a whole new meaning.

Above the FoldJun 26, 2017 - 5:15pm

Lawyer Ads Scare People into Stop Taking Their Medicine

"Medical Alert!" commercials have a bad side effect.

LetterJun 23, 2017 - 7:45am

Examining Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Attorney Advertising

This letter, and the two attachments, were sent to the members of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice in advance of the Subcommittee holding a hearing today entitled “Examining Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Attorney Advertising.”